Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The call we've been waiting for....

I've neglected writing here.....but....

On Saturday, January 9th at 12:00 PM my dad got "the call."

We all got to the hospital around 2:30PM and hung out while they prepped for surgery. Surgery started about 10/11PM.

On January 10th my dad had a new beating heart. He was weaned off the ventilator yesterday by 1:00PM and was up WALKING DOWN THE HALLWAY by 5:00PM. Everything is working like it should and they're talking about moving him out of ICU today or tomorrow.

I'm completely blown away. In tears blown away. So thankful to the donor for giving my dad a second chance at life. Thankful for the LVAD and getting him healthy enough to do so well during surgery.

I have so much to write out but wanted to put an update out here. <3

Monday, December 29, 2014


Has it really almost been a year since I last updated?

My dad was implanted with his LVAD 12/23/14. Surgery went well but recovery has been bumpy. I need to sit down & wrote it all out soon (& not before bed)!

Top of the to do list...well maybe right after "get dad healthy" ;)

Thursday, February 13, 2014


It's been a quiet year (I'm not complaining!), but busy.

Dad is maintaining. He still has good days and bad days. This journey can be so discouraging at times!!! I decided today to take part in our local heart walk this May. I feel like the more I can do to bring awareness to heart disease - the better. I'm so close to reaching my goal so I hope I am able to surpass it! What a blessing that would be!

Link below:


Hope you all are well. Happy (early) Valentines Day!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Can we get on the same page? Please?

Dad's been in the hospital since Saturday. Every cardiologist that has seen him has had something different to say. Everything from "I expect you to get the LVAD ASAP." to "Here's some Prilosec. Sounds like acid reflux."

One minute our family is preparing for the possibility of surgery. The next minute  we're told these chest pains aren't even his heart.  The past few days have been such a roller coaster and  we aren't even close to being off this ride.

Please send prayers: for the Dr's to have wisdom and for some kind of clarity- sooner vs. later.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Embrace change.

I've struggled to find the time to blog, though the absence of blogging doesn't reflect the lack of having anything to blog about.

There has been many highs and lows since my last post, a birth (our third child was born in May!) and a death of a close loved one included.

Dad was being considered for a study (details here) and we found out in August that due to his current heart condition he did not qualify.  While we are disappointed, we are trusting that this door was closed for reasons beyond our understanding.

My whole life I've struggled with change. I put up a good fight, kicking and screaming (& many times crying). In this season, I'm realizing my struggle, I'm trying to embrace it. I emphasize the word trying because I have definitely not mastered this whole "embrace change" thing. In fact, just this week I had a tantrum over a work situation. I still have a lot of growing to do, but right now I first need to have those moments- those crying, kicking & screaming tantrums. Personally, they allow me to stand up, move on and embrace the change. So if you see me throwing an adult tantrum - let me. I will soon get back up and move on- embracing it all.

So much has changed since June 2012. My dad can't do everything he wants to do. He can't walk the beach with my mom up at the cottage. He can't run around and play baseball with his 11 grandkids. He can't tend to his garden like he enjoys doing. I know he struggles with these changes. I pray that when he needs to have a tantrum about his situation- he is able to, I also pray that he's able to stand up, embrace the change, and enjoy life in other ways.

"The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, 
move with it, and enjoy the dance." - Alan Watts

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Slippery Slope of Depression

How do you keep someone from falling into a depression?

Sometimes simply "being there" for someone just isn't enough. It breaks my heart to see my dad struggle with depression- focusing on  the things he can no longer do instead of appreciating what he can do.


Friday, January 4, 2013

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

So much has happened in the past month. Where to start? Let's start and end with the most important news.

In the beginning of December my parents were told that my dad was just not bad enough. They were going to close his evaluation to get on the heart transplant list and revisit when necessary. It wasn't what we wanted to hear but we trusted God.

December 21st, my dad received a phone call from one of the heart transplant coordinators and was informed that the day prior- my dad's case came up again and the heart transplant team decided to list my dad.

My dad is officially listed for a heart transplant. His priority is low, but it was the news and hope we needed. The journey is far from over, in fact it's just beginning, but I'm happy to see it start.

Looking forward to 2013 and what God has in store for us.