Monday, December 29, 2014


Has it really almost been a year since I last updated?

My dad was implanted with his LVAD 12/23/14. Surgery went well but recovery has been bumpy. I need to sit down & wrote it all out soon (& not before bed)!

Top of the to do list...well maybe right after "get dad healthy" ;)

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  1. Wow is right!! Glad he got the LVAD as it is an amazing piece of technology. I did not have one but I have met around 250-300 people that have had them. Once he recovers from this surgery, he can begin to build up his body and when he gets the call for his new heart, he'll be able to walk right into surgery and it should be an easier recovery. Tell him to take one day at a time ..... one step forward each day if he can. God Bless!