Friday, December 7, 2012

Home sweet home

Dad was released from the hospital Wednesday night.

They adjusted some of him medications and we will go from there.

Yesterday I stopped by my parents house to see him and keep him company while my mom worked. He seemed to be doing ok but he needs to be very careful as to not over do anything.

He wanted to make my mom dinner, so he cut up some onions and sautéed them, a few minutes later he needed to take a rest. I followed in the kitchen behind him to finish making dinner for them both.

It's such an honor to be able to help my parents when they need a little help. I'm grateful to have such a flexible job and an understanding husband.

Monday, December 3, 2012


Uneventful is a word that some may read and think "boring." But uneventful is a word that has been welcomed around here. Not much new to report the past week or so. Well until this weekend...

Dad has been feeling extra run down. He didn't make it to my daughter's birthday party this weekend and this morning when I got to his house he was quiet. He is a quiet man by nature, but I know the difference between his normal quiet and his something isn't right quiet.

A few minutes of silence and he said to me "I called ______ (name of Dr.) this morning, to let them know how bad I feel." For Dad to admit how bad he feels, he must feel really bad. :(

A few hours later, and him and my mom are on their way to being admitted to the cardiovascular center about an hour and a half away. I'm unsure of what this means, or what will happen. I'm praying it opens up some doors.

All prayers and thoughts are appreciated. My family could use them.